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What the hell am I listening to?

Dave Barry Wannabes
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This community was inspired by Dave Barry and sites such as www.wemadeoutinatreeandthisoldguysatandwatchedus.com. Feel free to add your own favorite bad lyrics and/or poetry you find anywhere.

As an English major and future librarian, I ask you to give credit to the poets you quote. However, there will be no trolling of the poets' journals, as I would like to keep this community up and running.

The Rules: They should be common sense, but as they say, common sense is uncommon.

1. Spellcheck is your friend. No chat speak, please! It's fine in your own journal, but please make sure we can understand what you're saying.
2. No advertising! We don't want to hear about your new rating community, your quest for a free ipod, your latest auction, or your online store. Take your community advertising to community_promo. Posts relating to making money, getting free stuff, random links, and quiz results can go to excessjunk.
3. No asshattery. Use common sense. Stay on topic, be respectful, don't troll. I hate to think there'd ever be a flamewar in a bad lyrics community, but it has to be said so I can ban your ass if you act like a jerk.
4. Feel free to credit your authors. However, there will be no trolling of the authors' journals, as this could result in community suspension.
5. The ever-popular three-strikes rule is in effect. However, blatant asshattery may result in immediate bannination.

Any questions? My AIM name is in my userinfo, or drop me a line at linguafranca at livejournal dot com.

If you can think of any other interests I should list, please let me know.

NOTE: The guy in the userpic is Gary Puckett, the musical genius who wrote "Young Girl".