the perfect child facsimile (salpal) wrote in bad_lyrics,
the perfect child facsimile

When advertisement jingles attack.

I'm not sure where else they're using these commercials, but I've seen them at least twice now during Jeopardy. They're for Steak-umm, which is a name that has always made me salivate. I wasn't even sure what they were singing until the last time I saw this ad because I never pay attention to those short little Jeopardy commercials, y'know. But I knew something was very wrong with it.

You can Steak-umm in the North
You can Steak-umm in the South
But the best part of all
Is when you Steak-umm in your mouth.

The sexual connotations seriously freak me the eff out. I'm even less likely to buy this item now than I was before.

It's the original jingle they used from the 70s. I'm not sure why they couldn't/wouldn't change it. It genuinely makes me uneasy. This is now a product I want nowhere near my mouth, thank you very much.
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